Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Important parts of Love Making!!!

For couples wanting to share such affection they must use every opportunity to find and enjoy the important part of love make; Kissing, cuddling and touching The slightest touch or pat can be worth a thousand words and a hug at just the right time makes words redundant. Sometimes these little intimacies simply say, "I love you", yet on other occasions it is clear they are preludes to some sort of sexual activity. The couple in tune with each other know without saying, which is which, and use such teasing, even perhaps to some level of arousal, as a sort of work-up to intercourse later. In this article here we explore how you can make love to your partner without physically having sex, yes men it can be done.

This kind of "lovemaking" then becomes like an extended foreplay both know will end in lovemaking some time in the near future.

If you run your intimate life in this way, lovemaking takes on a rather different level of importance. It is now no longer the be-all and end-all of the intimacies you share. This means that you will cope better with the ups and downs of your sexual appetites and, mutually attuned, detect sexual interest early and know how to act on it. Then, when you do have intercourse it is much more meaningful because it takes place against a background of loving interest in one another.

Not only are inequalities and variations in sexual appetite better coped with, but the occasional failure, rather than becoming a disaster, is kept in perspective because it is understood that the relationship has far more going for it than whether or not genital contact is always good.


Lovers of longstanding sometimes find they communicate without words; they seem to know what the other is thinking and feeling. Shared secrets help to make this a secret society. The woman may whisper to her man while they are on the dance floor, that she's wearing his favourite underwear, for example. "Accidentally" touching your lover's body in a certain place or in a particular way can have a devastating effect. Some couples can achieve the same impact with just a look.

Many couples have a private language, that they use even in front of others, as they tell one another about their feelings, arousal, or their anticipation of erotic things to come, which all add to the excitement. All of this makes such a couple much less likely to suffer from jealousies because they flirt with each other and look to one another to answer their needs. They do not then see members of the opposite sex as threatening because they know that what they have between them is vastly more valuable than anything a quickie relationship could offer.

If all of this seems nothing more than a fantasy to you, there are ways of improving things: Start of by going back to courtship behaviour; many couples have never really courted - taking every opportunity to show love in different ways. Give one another presents for no reason. They don't have to be expensive; it's the thought that matters; kiss more; telephone to say, "I love you." Leave love-notes around where they'll be found by your lover; go out with one another as if it were your first date as teenagers. Really try to please one another as if you were just starting to date. You may be surprised how much you've taken each other for granted over the years and how stale the caring and love for one another has become.

It is helpful in any loving relationship to remember to bear in mind the airline motto "we never forget you have a choice". There are many couples that let things slip, perhaps year after year, becoming more and more lazy and thoughtless only to find when they go back to courtship they've all but forgotten how to deal with one another in this way. As with so many things in life practice makes perfect and over the weeks you'll become more proficient at courting one another. With luck and effort, the combination of making courtship a priority, and your increased experiences of life, will reap you a far richer harvest than would have been possible when you were first going out at the beginning of your relationship.


One of the most fruitful ways of making all this happen is to organise sensual holidays. A sensual holiday can last from an evening to a weekend. The main purpose is to get away from your normal day-to-day routine both in and out of bed and to really court one another.

You can prepare for the holiday beforehand to get best out of it. Ideas include: the uses of herbal aphrodisiacs such as ginseng, yohimbe; breakfast in bed; one sensual massage; lovemaking in an unusual place; a novel type or position of lovemaking you know your lover would like; or an evening devoted to your lover's every whim. Each couple will have their own ideas as to what suits them, or they've always wanted to do.

Send your tokens some days before the holiday so your lover has time to prepare (if necessary). This also helps build up excited anticipation for the holiday. Remember, none of this need be expensive - the whole thing can take place at home with perhaps a special dinner or outing just for the two of you. Whatever you do and wherever you do it, the main thing is to give yourselves over to one another totally and to aim to do things that please and delight. Talk about it afterwards to see what worked well and what didn't. It's best to take it in turns to arrange such holidays so each lover has the opportunity to call the shots and decide what they want.


Sensual massage is a wonderful way of lovemaking without intercourse. This form of loving contact is often underestimated. There are few things a couple can experience together that allow them to be more in touch with themselves, and to communicate at every level than a loving, sensual massage. Whether or not this becomes an erotic massage is up to you, but even if one does lead to the other you still don't have to end up having intercourse - you could stimulate each other or simply cuddle and kiss.


Sight, sound, smell and taste are powerful aphrodisiacs - exploit them to the full. Right from babyhood most of us use fewer of our senses than we might. In learning to please one another without intercourse it can be helpful to look at how each sense could be better used to serve lovemaking. Here are some ideas:


Use perfume, perfumed soaps, scented oils for massage, burning joss sticks, flowers, room perfumes, and anything else (not all at once!) that helps enhance your sense of smell. Remember, if you perfume yourself too heavily you'll mask the natural odours that are such a turn-on for your lover. Make sure you are clean and washed but not so squeaky clean your natural smells are obliterated. Learn, perhaps for the first time, how each part of your lover's body smells.


The lover's sound can be delicious as you make love. The little groans, sighs and moans that say "I love you" are all valuable cues to how things are going. With the lights off, learn to recognise how your lover's sexual arousal cycle is progressing just by sound alone. Take a delight in the sounds of your bodies reacting with each other. Use beautiful music to accompany lovemaking.

Get to know how your lover tastes by licking all over. Taste mouths, faces, sweat, genital secretions and so on. This is intimately tied up with the smelling exercise since taste and smell are so closely interlinked. Experiment with all kinds of tactile sensations using not only your bodies, but also foods, clothing, vibrators and so on.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kinky Sex Spots! (Find Your next Kinky spot to have sex)

Have you ever wanted to have sex in a kinky location?

Of course, we all have. Sometimes the urge for us to have sex while
in a certain area is overwhelming, while other times it is something
we fantasize about. Sex can be great in different locations. Somet-
imes people get a thrill out of having sex in places where they could
get caught. Sex can be very fun in places other than your bedroom.
Here we will discuss some of those places. The car. This can get be
a great place to have sex. This might be a little dangerous if you
are driving, so do this while you are stationary. I'm sure that we
all have got our rocks off in a car.

It was probably the place most of us lost our virginity...
1. A car is a great way to get a blow job or other sex act in public.
You can easily pull into a public place and let her do her work. If
someone catches on or you see the cops, just say that she was looking
for something on the drivers side. Keep an eye out for people who may
make your time less enjoyable. If you are the type that loves sex in
public this is great. Nothing feels like having an orgasm while other
people are watching you.
2. Sex on a rooftop can be interesting. Nothing makes you feel more
free than to be closer to the clouds and sun. Be careful if you cho-
ose to try having sex in this location. Roof tops can be very hot.
If they are metal, it will be super hot. Even regular tar paper or
shingles can be hot too. I would suggest that if you choose to have
sex on a roof top, bring a blanket along.

Of course, you want to be careful if you are having sex on a rooftop.
Make sure not to be anywhere near the edges. Also try to make sure the
area you are having sex in is sturdy. The last thing you want is to have
to have someone call the paramedics because you fell off of the roof.
That would make for an interesting discussion telling them how you hurt
4. Nothing sounds like the roar of a car as it goes over a bridge. Under
a bridge can be a fun place to have sex. The sound of the cars and semi
trucks can make you feel powerful. Unfortunately, homeless people also
hang out under bridges. If you choose to have sex in this area, make sure
none of them are around. It would be embarrassing to get mugged while
having sex. Also check out for broken glass, that is the last thing your
woman needs to get up her ass.
5. This one is quite risky. I wouldn't attempt this unless a night in
jail turns you on. Sex at public events can be great. Sometimes during
a sports game or concert you can sneak in a little action. Oral sex or
masturbation is easiest to perform in these situations. Unless you are
certain you won't go to jail, I wouldn't suggest having sex in one of
these places. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if you were getting a blow job
at a football game and you seen yourself on the big screen television?
 Most men fantasize about having sex with the secretary. Having sex in
the office can be great. This is my favorite place to have sex. I can't
even begin to count how many times I have gotten laid in the office. For
the most part, if you are careful you won't get caught. Make sure that if
you are bagging her in the office the door is locked.
If you are lucky enough to be able to bag a lot of women at work, this
can make the work day a blast. This is why I like doing this. The work day
is so much fun when you can bang your coworkers. If you can get away with
this, I highly suggest it.
If you work in an office with cubicles this can be good. Be warned, it can
be easy for your neighbor to hear if you are breathing heaving and so forth.
Unless you have regular asthma attacks, this isn't for you. I have never got
into this kind of sex. I think that the cubicles are so small, it is too hard
to enjoy myself.
Most of us drive cars. It is how we get from place to place each day. Why not
enjoy that car a little more and have sex on the hood of the car? This can be
a great deal of fun if you are the outdoors type of guy. Make sure the car is
in park if you choose to do this. You don't want to be banging the old lady
while the car slides down a hill.
This is probably my second all time favorite place to have sex. It is kinky as
hell and it reminds me of super man. All men like to feel like the man of steal
while having sex. Sex in a phone booth can be great. It doesn't matter if it is
the kind with a door or not. I would suggest that even if it has a door, keep
it open. It is easy to get hot in such a small area. The only time you want to
be huffing and puffing is after you are done, not in the middle of sex.
If you are into having sex in public areas, those are some of the best tips I
can give. Sex in these areas will please you and your partner more than you can
ever imagine.

Break out the condoms and enjoy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


There are a lot of women out there who don’t like giving or
receiving oral sex. Reasons such as it is dirty or like in
an Asian country some women have stopped as they think it
is an evil sin.
Whilst the reasons and choices not to confide in oral sex
is an individual own choice Why not ask yourself, when it
comes to that decision,if you please your man like he tries
to please you, then to please him will please you too.
When giving a blowjob, giving head or going down on your man,
did you know that this form of sexual gratification too could
turn you on?

Hot Blow Job…

How do you give the perfect blowjob?

Hehehehe, blowjobs, bjs hmmmmm… good topic don’t you think?

Giving a blowjob can be such a turn of for both parties so
try it before you say you don’t like it. Once again like
with the guys you both need to be comfortable with it. If
you feel that it is not a clean “tool” then have a shower
together. Ladies take it in your hands, grab the soap,
lather it up and wash it, play with it, see how it
responds to your touch.

If there is room in the shower, kneel down in front
of him and look closely at it, see how clean it is,
before flicking your tongue over the tip. See how clean
it is… Now you know that it’s clean because you helped
wash it thoroughly, Close your mouth around it and feel
it grow hard in your warm, moist mouth.

Take control and enjoy it as much as your partner!!

If you are being sensual and your partner tries to thrust
causing you to deep throat and gag when you are not ready,
grab him gently with you teeth, not tight enough to break
the skin but tight enough to stop him…

Do not break the skin…
if you do all the romantic desires will have gone!!!!!

Ladies use your tongue, flicking it backwards and forwards
as you suck. You can do both at the same time. Trust me on
that one…

Now if you feel comfortable sucking him in the shower, get
off your knees and head to somewhere a bit more comfortable,
like the bed, continue what you were already doing but in a
different position.

Ok first if you have lube – like KY jelly handy grab that
before getting onto the bed, flavoured is great….

Have your guy lay down on the bed, kneel between his knees,
squeeze a little bit of the lube, covering both hands…

Take his penis into your hands, see how slippery and sensual
it is, gently
massaging the shaft with both hands, occasionally teasing
the head paying particular attention to the underside of the

Remember that you must be gentle that is why I keep referring
to that particular word.Now ladies hold on to his cock, use
your tongue flicking over the head,lick the head all over
and use the flat of your tongue to cover more area, gently
suck on the head, sucking it into your mouth at the same time
flick your tongue back and forwards around the head. Pay
particular attention to the Frenulum (the underside of the
penis), as it’s the most sensitive part of the glans (the
head of the penis).

Tease him and please him at the same time, you can do it!

Run your hands over his inner thighs as you mouth moves on
his shaft. Lower your mouth over his shaft and the trick to
taking in as much as you can – to deep throat is to breath
out as you are taking him in. I know this is a big ask, but
concentrate on your breathing at the same time to avoid
the uncontrollable urges you may get. I won’t go into detail,
but I am sure you know what I am talking about.

As you suck him deep into your mouth and with your hand around
the lowest part of the shaft pump him gently as your mouth rides
his hot swollen penis.As a bonus for your partner with the hand
that is almost free, gently massage your partner’s testicles.
Squeeze them, hold them, run your finger nails over them – there’s
that word again “gently”, and at the same time sensually play
with them.

Now the choice is yours. If your partner is your long-term partner
and you feel you would like to taste him and swallow his cum, then
read on, if not skip this paragraph and go on to the next… Your
partner’s cock is throbbing with anticipation as your tongue works
it’s magic, you taste his pre-cum it’s salty but nice, you wrap your
hand firmly but not too tight around his cock, with your mouth sucking
him deep, keep sucking as you pump him faster and faster…

Keep stroking him until you feel his cock throb and suddenly he
explodes sending his hot creamy cum down your throat… Look at
him and lick your lips to show how much you enjoyed sucking his
rod dry…

For the ladies who don’t like the taste, when you feel your
partner’s cock throbbing and you feel his hips starting to thrust
against you, take your mouth of his penis and with your hand
wrapped firmly around his shaft pump faster and faster. Let your
partner tell you how fast and how hard to stroke him as he gets
nearer and nearer to dropping his load for you. As he ejaculates
let him know that you are excited too. I love watching a guy cum
so as he is crying out in pleasure, if you are enjoying it too
then I am sure you will know what to do… Taking control of your
partner’s orgasm ultimately is a turn-on; learn how to give that
special blowjob as it can ultimately be a satisfying experience
for all involved.